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Personalised Eating Disorder Recovery Services

So you can get back to living the life you deserve.

 If you identify  with any of the following statements, we should have a catch up.

Do you:

  • Suspect that you may have an eating disorder or disordered eating?
  • Feel like food controls your life?
  • Use exercise as a form of punishment or a way to compensate?
  • Find yourself in a neverending cycle of restricting, binging and purging?
  • Get anxious about social settings where food is involved? Or let your weight, shape or the foods you eat consume your thoughts?
  • Let your self worth be measured by the foods you eat, how much you weigh or how your body looks?

1 on 1 Recovery Coaching

(Online or in-person)

  • Collaborative weekly goal setting
  • Communication with your team
  • Guidance & Support working through the 8 keys to Recovery Book by Carolyn Costin & Gwen Schubert Grabb
  • Heal your relationship with food, body and exercise
  • Stay committed to recovery with a coach that can help you to keep progressing forward
  • Create a life that gives you meaning and purpose

Meal Support

(Online or in-person)

Including at-home cooking, grocery shopping and more

  • Have someone eat the meals with you
  • Challenge your food rules
  • Learn how to become a conscious eater
  • Overcome your food fears
  • Stay accountable to your meal plan
  • Learn to have fun with food again

Text Support

(Online or in-person)

For in-the-moment situations where you need support

  • Have access to your coach outside of your sessions
  • Learn how to reach out to others instead of your eating disorder, to have your needs met